ABOUT US Things you should know about SteamOK

We take great pride in our products and only sell or recommend what we would personally use. We put an equal amount of care and consideration into the components and facility used in delivering a product that is clean and secure.
Correlative to other products manufactured for human consumption, clean manufacturing environment is a must. Our dedicated production lab brings efficiency to the manufacturing process and also provides a clean and safe work environment for products and employees alike (hair covers, gloves, eye/ nose protection and lab coats are the daily attire). From eye washing stations to hand sanitizing units, safety and cleanliness are of the utmost concern throughout the daily operation at SteamOK.

We readily acknowledge and respect that liquid nicotine can be an ingredient of concern and, as such, requires responsible and professional handling. Following the local good manufacturing practices, all employees are well trained and certified in hazardous communication standards, forklift training and chemical spill response.
Further, we acknowledge and respect the entire process of handling and combining ingredients, for consumption by consumers, deserve professionalism.

SteamOK Team



Locally and internationally over 35 company working with us in custom vaping solutions.



Locally and internationally 60 brands made by us in the vaping market.



All our products are prepared and bottled under clean room standards. We assure you about quality and safety.